Факультет технологии производства и переработки селькохозяйственной продукции


Faculty mission

The faculty consists of three departments: Department of “Technologies for the production of livestock products named after M.N. Lushchikhin”, department “Technologies for processing agricultural products” and the department of Kyrgyz and Russian languages. The faculty has a good material and technical base for training specialists. Modern classrooms equipped with all necessary equipment (projectors, interactive whiteboards); virtual laboratory of logistics of the agro-industrial complex; fisheries and aquaculture laboratory; laboratory for the technology of processing agricultural products, modern teaching and methodological rooms.

About the faculty

Faculty of Technology of production and processing of agricultural products (former Zooengineering) is one of the oldest faculties of the university. In 2018, the faculty as part of the university celebrated its 85th anniversary. During the existence of the faculty, more than a thousand highly qualified specialists have been trained for the agro-industrial complex of the country. Many of them became prominent statesmen, politicians, scientists. Among them are Zh. Amanbaev, S. Tursunov, S. Savitakhunov, R. E. Sadykov, I. M. Botbaev and many others. .Akmatov, Ex-President of the Kyrgyz Republic S.Sh.Zheenbekov.