Факультет технологии производства и переработки селькохозяйственной продукции

Department of Kyrgyz and Russian languages


In 1949, the Department of Russian and Foreign Languages ​​was formed at the Kyrgyz Agricultural Institute.

The first head. the department was Karpov V.M., and then Sorokina Z.V., Primutsky G.N., Seitov D.M., Abdylasova T.A., Choibekova R.Ch., Bazarkulov T.B., Boronov A. A. In 1989, a law on the state language was adopted, and on its basis in higher and secondary educational institutions, the Kyrgyz language began to be studied as an independent subject. It is important to emphasize that a department of the Kyrgyz language has been established at the Kyrgyz Agrarian University. In 1990, the Department of the Kyrgyz and Russian languages ​​was independently formed at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The department was headed by the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor A.A. Boronov. From 1992 to 2011, the department was headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Batakanova S.T. Currently, the department is headed by Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor G.T.

For the development of the state language at the university, a cabinet of the state language, Ch. Aitmatov and classrooms of the Russian language were created. The teachers of the department have issued a textbook “Practical course of the Kyrgyz language”, which is used by students of higher educational institutions. Every year the department holds republican scientific and practical conferences, training seminars, round tables dedicated to the problems of the Kyrgyz language. Every year the University holds Aitmatov Readings” among students.

The department has such circles: “Acting skills”, “Oratory”, “Creative Youth”. In recent years, one doctoral dissertation (Batakanova S.T.), one candidate dissertation (Osubekwa G.T.) have been defended and five monographs have been published (the authors are S.T.Batakanova, G.T. Osubekova), and more than 400 scientific articles, including 8 foreign publications. Currently, the department employs: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Acting Prof. Batakanova S.T., Head of the Department, Ph.D. Osubekova G.T., senior teachers Isabekova A.I., Akmatova G.K., Dalbaeva S.S., Asanova Z.S. and Mamytmusaeva I.O. The teachers of the department have developed curricula, teaching aids, dictionaries, methodological developments, collections of texts and exercises.

Members of the department annually take part in republican scientific and practical conferences in higher educational institutions. They publish scientific articles in the journal Vestnik KNAU.

The composition of the department

Osubekova Gulzat Temirovna

Head of the Department of Kyrgyz and Russian languages ​​at KNAU named after K.I. Skryabin.



Батаканова С.Т.

E-mail: batakanova@mail.ru

Isabekova Almira Ishembekolna

Senior Lecturer
E-mail: almira.isabekova 05@gmail.com

Akmatova Gulnara Kazakbaevna

Senior lecturer
E-mail: akmatova @mail.com

Dalbaeva Saltanat Stalbekovna

Senior Lecturer

Asanova Zamira Surapbekovna

Senior lecturer
E-mail: zasanova@mail.ru

Indigaraeva Chinara Temirbekovna

Senior Lecturer
E-mail: Chinaraincligo71@gmailcom