Факультет технологии производства и переработки селькохозяйственной продукции

Department of Agricultural Products Processing Technology

Department mission

         The mission of the department prof. B. Sydykova “Technology of processing agricultural products” is aimed at providing training of qualified personnel of a new type with knowledge and competencies and maintaining a high level of university education in the field of processing agricultural products of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Educational activities of the department.

  • Theoretical training
  • Practice
  • Scientific work
  • International cooperation/projects
  • Educational work

          Since 2002, the department has been training specialists – technologists of agricultural production and at present it is one of the first in the republic as a department of training technologists for processing plant and livestock products for the agro-industrial sector.


The department prepares specialists in the direction: 610600 Technology of production and processing of agricultural products in the profile:

  All activities of the department are aimed at continuous improvement of the curriculum in accordance with the new standard and the latest achievements of science in the field of processing agricultural products

All activities of the department are aimed at continuous improvement of the  curriculum in accordance with the new standard and the latest achievements of science in the field of processing agricultural products.

  1. “Study of seed productivity of promising varieties of tomato and pepper in the conditions of climate change” – project leader, Ph.D., associate professor Osmonalieva K.N., performer – Kaparova E.B. and etc.


  1. “Development of science-based resource-saving technologies for the processing of local fish and the creation of fish food products with high nutritional and biological value” – project leader Ph.D., associate professor Maatkerimova Zh.M., performer Tarasova S.P.

Students of the department are actively involved in research work, they come with reports at student conferences, seminars.             Student Mukasheva Ainuska, Tekhb-18, made a presentation at the V International Scientific and Practical Conference “Logistics centers – engines of agricultural development”, timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Department of Logistics, KSTU named after I. Razzakov. She made a report on the topic: “Quality and safety of agricultural and food products”, and was awarded a diploma of the II degree (supervisors – Associate Professor, Ph.D. Maatkerimova Zh.M., Senior Lecturer Kaparova E.B.).        Graduate student Dreshpan Versaviya made a presentation at the scientific and practical conference within the framework of the Food Systems Summit 2021 on the topic “Food and biological security in the Kyrgyz Republic” (supervisors – Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Maatkerimova Zh.M., senior teacher Kaparova E.B.).

With the support of the Erasmus + program, the department is implementing the project “Development of a master’s program based on the Bologna principles in resource-efficient production logistics”, the purpose of which is to train and improve the skills of managers in the field of resource-efficient production logistics in partner countries RU, KAZ and KYR, able to meet the needs national and international companies in creating a manufacturing industry with sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods to increase wealth in the long term. The project involves 6 countries (Germany, France, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan), 10 universities.

         On November 6, 2019, the opening ceremony of the agro-industrial complex logistics virtual laboratory, created as part of the Erasmus + – Prodlog project, was held.            The virtual laboratory of logistics of the agro-industrial complex is used in conducting laboratory and practical classes, preparing dissertations for undergraduates, as well as for conducting research work on processing technology and production logistics.        This virtual logistics laboratory uses innovative methods in education – methods of active knowledge acquisition (virtual reality, 3D modeling, information technology) which allows students to acquire new knowledge faster and more efficiently, with greater involvement in the educational process and greater motivation.          In modern conditions, for the development of the economy of Kyrgyzstan, it became necessary to create a logistics infrastructure and optimize logistics processes in the production, storage, transportation, marketing and disposal of agricultural raw materials and food products. The solution of these problems is connected with the need to improve the methodology for training personnel in the field of logistics of the agro-industrial complex.      Since 2019 the department also participates in the international project FishEDU for the development of educational capacity in fish farming and aquaculture (University of Eastern Finland UWF).        Since 2020 the department has been actively involved in the implementation of activities of the AgroDEV project “Development of higher education content to support industries for sustainable production of quality agri-food products”.

The composition of the department

Maatkerimova Zhibek Maatkerimovna

Head of the Department, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

E-mail: maatkerimova.zhibek@mail.ru

Osmonalieva Kurmanzhan Nazhipbekovna

Associate Professor, Ph.D. datkakurmanzhan@mail.ru

Eshimkulova Gulmira Frontbekovna

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Tarasova Svetlana Petrovna

Senior Lecturer

Omorova Zamira Kulmanbetova

Senior Lecturer

Kaparova Elmira Berekeevna

Senior Lecturer

Primbetova Lyazzat Duisekovna

Senior Lecturer

Zarlykova Guliza Onoldukovna

Senior Lecturer

Department history

         On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Kyrgyz Agrarian University in 2002, on February 8, a technological faculty was established under the leadership of the then rector of the university B. Sydykov. The structure of the faculty includes the following departments: primary processing and storage of agricultural products; processing of crop products; processing of livestock products. In 2010, the departments were merged under the name of the Department of Technology for the Processing of Agricultural Products. Since 2019, the department has been named after Professor B. Sydykov. The department is headed by Associate Professor, Ph.D., “Excellence in Education of the Kyrgyz Republic” Maaatkerimova Zh.M. The composition of the department